Remote monitoring and interventions with digital devices.

With moveUP, patients can receive guidance from their care team without needing to visit the hospital frequently. This feature makes the care process more efficient and accessible, facilitating long-term adherence to lifestyle changes and medication regimens, which are key to successful bariatric treatment outcomes.

Optimize time spent on patient care

Free up more time for your patients and impactful tasks by cutting down on time spent on administration and managing therapy plans.

Collect PROMs & RWD easily.

Capture clinically relevant data at scale quickly

Proactive side effect monitoring, allowing for timely intervention and support

Efficiently prioritize and manage your surgical patients

Patient engagement & tailored exercises: videos and information boxes​

Track patients' activity, status, and side effects in real-time, even when they are outside the clinic premises

A seamless and efficient patient experience through joint management by surgeons and PTs

Joint management feature for surgeons and PTs to manage patients together

A personalized post-operative care plan tailored to your patient's needs

Prevent readmissions by providing better discharge education & follow-up to your patients through a virtual care program

moveUP is driving clinically relevant recovery improvements.

Unlike most solutions out there, we’ve gone further and went for clinically proven results.


Of weight loss surgery patients would choose moveUP again


Of unplanned consultations can be avoided by using moveUP software


Of weight loss surgery patients felt supported pre- and post-surgery


Average NPS score from patients and 64 from healthcare providers

Compare to 1000s of other patients & 100000s of anonymized datapoints

moveUP reports compare to anonymized datapoints from other moveUP usage. Giving you insights into your team’s performance.

Check patient eligibility with our moveUP Index™

The moveUP index is an evidence-based score for patient’s surgery eligibility. It allows you to get an at-a-glance insight into whether surgery is the right next step for patients.

Track well over 400 datapoints per patient

PROMs, PREMs is just the start. Go beyond & track prescription, combine wearable data, exercise inputs and more.

Used by real people.

Getting started shouldn’t be hard.

That’s why we made it easy.

No more financial, administrative or bureaucratic barrier to get started. We'll take care of the complicated, behind-the-scenes stuff so you can focus on your core activity. Treating patients.